Vultr 免费为用户增加至少 30% SSD 容量

全球知名云服务器(VPS)商家 Vultr 2019-2-26 宣布:免费为用户增加至少 30% SSD 容量,最高增幅为 220%。如:Vultr 月付10美元套餐,原来 40G SSD 现在已经升级至 55G;最高增幅为原来 400G SSD,现在已经加到了1280G……价格不变!


KVM虚拟,1Gbps 接入带宽,纯 SSD 硬盘,一个独立 IP,可以额外增加 IP,支持按小时和按月付款,支持自定义ISO(比如可以用 Linux VPS 的钱玩 Windows),随时创建随时删除,海量IP库,有 Snapshot 快照功能……支持信用卡、paypal、支付宝、微信付款。

注意:月付2.5美元、3.5美元、5美元老款小内存 VPS 硬盘没有变化!


Vultr Cloud Compute Boosts SSD Storage! Feb 25, 2019

Starting today, we are pleased to announce that our VC2 plans are receiving significant SSD storage increases at no additional cost. Offering more local SSD storage than ever before, Vultr cloud compute delivers even better value and continues to produce the high performance results you've come to expect from our standardized platform! You can view the full details of the storage updates by visiting our pricing page or logging into the customer portal.

With our recent launch of Toronto, Canada, Vultr is now available in 16 cities around the globe. Our upgraded high performance compute plans are better than ever - right now is a great time to deploy your worldwide cloud infrastructure with Vultr in just a few simple clicks!


Vultr VPS 免费使用 Plesk 面板方法

虽然很多一键脚本搭建建站环境,比如 LNMP、LAMP、OneinStack 等等,但是新手刚入门可能还是有点难度,如果不折腾 VPS,又不想买现成的虚拟主机,VPS 安装收费主机管理面板或许是个更好选择。可以选择的收费主机管理面板也很多,比如免费的宝塔……收费的 Plesk、CPanel 和 DirectAdmin 等收费主机管理…
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博友博客又搬家到了 DigitalOcean

老杨也有一个垃圾站在 DigitalOcean 旧金山机房,顺便跑个 rclone 备份 Google Photos 到 OneDrive,稳定,速度就一斑斑了。看博友介绍 DigitalOcean 实力很不错,就贴过来了。 以下是原文摘录: 今天把博客搬家到了 DigitalOcean,是的,没错,又搬家。之前用 Vultr,感觉还行,很稳定。为…
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VPS Showdown – January 2021 – DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. UpCloud vs. Vultr

While I don’t usually make big changes to these posts month to month, I do try to refresh them every year or so. This year’s improvements include commas (on the larger numbers) and charts! I’ve also made the decision to drop the High Frequency plan from Vultr in favor of the…
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