Vultr 新增 Object Storage 对象存储

Vultr 主机商产品比较适合外贸网站和外贸项目使用,性价比不错,只是国内网络速度不大稳定。前阵子更新 UI 界面,更现代化,今天 RSS 看到新增 Object Storage 对象存储产品。

Vultr 这个新增 Object Storage 对象存储类似国内阿里云OSS、腾讯云COS、七牛云对象存储等,海外有些主机商提供,不过 Vultr 是初次上架 Object Storage 对象存储产品。

基础方案 250GB 硬盘,1TB月流量,$5/月,前只有一个新泽西机房,后面应该是会有其他机房陆续上线。对象存储,可以用来分离网站与数据存储,比如静态文件或者下载文件。(动静分离)

类似的有 Block Storage 数据盘,挂载到 VPS 当硬盘使用。

以下是 Vultr News 原文:Introducing Vultr Object Storage!

Aug 12, 2019 The storage team here at Vultr has been busy building out a new addition to our expansive worldwide cloud infrastructure. Introducing Object Storage!

Vultr Object Storage is a highly scalable solution for storing large quantities of files, eliminating the need to manage your own custom infrastructure. Our architecture was designed from the ground up to provide high redundancy and data durability, and backed by blazing fast NVMe caching to make sure you have the best storage performance. In addition, Object Storage is S3 compatible, allowing you to integrate with existing tools and SDKs.

We are extremely excited to share that Object Storage is available to all of our customers starting today. You only pay for the amount of data stored or transferred out of the bucket. With an initial release in our NY/NJ region, we will be rolling this feature out to more Vultr regions in the near future.

Ready to get started? Visit the Object Storage page to learn more. You can also read our Object Storage documentation which explains in detail how object storage works and includes usage examples with some popular tools.

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