Linode VPS 服务商新增印度机房 速度一般 适合地区项目使用

Linode VPS 服务商,不多介绍,目前,Linode 机房很多,前阵子又上线印度机房(第十个),不过速度应该不会快。可能比较适合外贸等地区项目使用。Linode 最低配置 1GB 内存、25GB 硬盘、1TB月流量5美金一个月。

下面列出部分 Linode 套餐配置,以下价格均以月付为例,实际主机可随时删除按小时计费。


Nanode 1GB

  • CPU:1core
  • 内存:1GB
  • 硬盘:25GB/RAID10
  • 流量:1TB/1Gbps
  • 架构:KVM
  • IP/面板:1IPv4/自有面板
  • 价格:$5/月
  • 购买:点击直达

Linode 2GB

  • CPU:1core
  • 内存:2GB
  • 硬盘:50GB/RAID10
  • 流量:2TB/2Gbps
  • 架构:KVM
  • IP/面板:1IPv4/自有面板
  • 价格:$10/月
  • 购买:点击直达

Linode 4GB

  • CPU:2core
  • 内存:4GB
  • 硬盘:80GB/RAID10
  • 流量:4TB/4Gbps
  • 架构:KVM
  • IP/面板:1IPv4/自有面板
  • 价格:$20/月
  • 购买:点击直达



印度机房测试地址:AP West、、100MB-mumbai.bin

上面测试页面中有各个机房测试 IP 和下载文件等,Linode 2016 年加入 PayPal 付款支持,不过新客户首付必须使用信用卡,而且新客户还提供有充值赠送优惠码,送20美元或者10美元。Linode VPS 采用 SSD 硬盘,均为 40Gbps 带宽入站,最低 1Gbps 出站,属于大带宽系列主机。


ANALOGUE2019、developertea2019、MATERIAL2019 (限新用户使用,充值赠送)


新注册 Linode 账户可以使用优惠码:PodcastInIt2019,赠送20美金余额,详细请移步这里

官方博客公告:Linode Mumbai Data Center Now Open

July 17, 2019 10:00 am

We’re proud to announce the opening of our newest data center: Mumbai, India. Home to more than 5 million software developers, India is one of the world’s fastest growing developer and technology regions, and our most requested international data center location.

Linode Mumbai is our 10th global data center and was built with all our latest server builds, Next Generation Network (NGN), and global fiber backbone. Customers in India and the wider developer community can now benefit from reduced latency and improved performance by running workloads close to home.

Linode Mumbai cloud services are available at the same low, flat, and transparent price as our other data centers — making it easy to migrate from any of our other locations. Core Linode features and services are now available, with plans to expand available products and NGN improvements to the Indian market in the coming months.

Ashwin Kumar is Linode’s Director of Data Centre and Cloud Operations in Mumbai, responsible for supporting the delivery of Linode’s cloud infrastructure for our regional customers.

Customers with Linodes in other data centers who want to migrate to Mumbai can find information on cloning here. Cloning lets you stage your services on a new IP address before changing your DNS records. You can also open a support ticket if you need help with the migration. For new Linodes, simply choose “Mumbai” as the location when creating your cloud instance.

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Vultr 送$25,搬瓦工年付最低$49,优惠码 BWH3HYATVBJW,更多推荐VPS信息