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Vultr 已提供 CentOS 8 系统,有需要可以尝鲜了。还支持自定义 上传 ISO


Deploy CentOS 8 or Choose From Our Vast Library!

The world of operating systems is always changing - patches, new versions, and new concepts! With Vultr's frequently updated library of operating systems, you can always be sure you have access to a wide range of OS images that can be deployed anywhere on our worldwide platform in seconds.

Just last week, CentOS 8 was the latest image to be added to our OS library. The RHEL-compatible open source offering comes packed with new features and an updated kernel. Notable updates include a new package manager, new software repositories, updates to system applications, databases, programming languages, and much more. This Linux distro is also well known for its 10 year long-term support.

In addition, new updates are planned for other distros in the coming weeks. Notable future releases include Ubuntu 19.10, Fedora 31, OpenBSD 6.6, and FreeBSD 12.1. The Vultr team will add these images to our library shortly after the stable versions are offered to the public.

Besides CentOS, our full operating system library offers multiple versions of Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Windows. Our diverse list of operating systems provides flexibility for organizations looking for both short-term and long-term supported solutions. Still not sure which operating system you want to use on the Vultr cloud? Read more about how they compare.

Do you need a different operating system that you don't see in our official image list? Vultr can run virtually any environment by leveraging our Upload ISO feature. With this feature, customers can bring their own operating system images and are able to create virtually unlimited OS combinations in any of our 16 worldwide locations.

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