Vultr 上线韩国机房/17个机房/按小时计费/支持支付宝 新注册送$100

Vultr 上线韩国机房,这是除日本、新加坡等机房外亚洲地区另一个选择。Vultr 成立于2014年,支持按小时计费,国外 VPS 商家,有很多自己的优势,比如可选机房多:日本、美国、德国、法国、荷兰、英国等多个国家的16个地区机房(第17个即将上线),支持安装 windows 或者 Linux 系统,也能自己传 ISO 安装,支持支付宝或者微信付款,针对新用户经常有赠送活动等。

Vultr 韩国测试

另外,新用户赠送活动也一直在继续,但是获取赠送需信用卡或者 PayPal 激活账户,且赠送金额必须在 30 天内用完。Vultr 所有 VPS 主机提供 IPv4+IPv6,目前商家套餐从3.5美元/月起(极少数节点还在提供只有IPv6套餐每月2.5美元,如新泽西、亚特兰大等),VPS 按小时计费,随时可以删除停止计费。

Vultr Cloud Compute 套餐

架构 CPU 内存 硬盘 流量 系统 价格
KVM 单核 512M 10G 500GB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $3.5/月
KVM 单核 1GB 25G 1TB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $5/月
KVM 单核 2GB 55G 2TB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $10/月
KVM 双核 4GB 80G 3TB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $20/月
KVM 四核 8GB 160G 4TB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $40/月
KVM 六核 16GB 320G 5TB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $80/月

Vultr High Frequency 套餐

架构 CPU 内存 硬盘 流量 系统 价格
KVM 单核 1GB 32G 1TB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $6/月
KVM 单核 2GB 64G 2TB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $12/月
KVM 双核 4GB 128G 3TB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $24/月
KVM 三核 8GB 256G 4TB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $48/月
KVM 四核 16GB 384G 5TB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $96/月
KVM 八核 32GB 512G 6TB/1Gbps Linux/Windows $192/月

Vultr 17个机房节点官方测速地址


  • (Asia)Tokyo, Japan[日本 东京],,100Mb1GB
  • Singapore[新加坡],,100Mb1GB
  • (AU) Sydney, Australia[悉尼],,100Mb1GB
  • (EU) Frankfurt, DE[德国 法兰克福],,100Mb1GB
  • (EU) Amsterdam, NL[荷兰 阿姆斯特丹],,100Mb1GB
  • (EU) London, UK[英国 伦敦],,100Mb1GB
  • (EU) Paris, France[法国 巴黎],,100Mb1GB
  • Seattle, Washington[美东 华盛顿州 西雅图],,100Mb1GB
  • Silicon Valley, Ca[美西 加州 硅谷],,100Mb1GB
  • Los Angeles, Ca[美西 加州 洛杉矶],,100Mb1GB
  • Chicago, Illinois[美东 芝加哥],,100Mb1GB
  • Dallas, Texas[美中 德克萨斯州 达拉斯],,100Mb1GB
  • New York / New Jersey[美东 新泽西],,100Mb1GB
  • Atlanta, Georgiaa[美东 乔治亚州 亚特兰大],,100Mb1GB
  • Miami, Florida[美东 佛罗里达州 迈阿密],,100Mb1GB
  • Toronto, Canada[加拿大 安大略省 多伦多],,100Mb1GB
  • Seoul, South Korea[韩国 首尔],,100Mb1GB


Deploy Cloud Servers in South Korea


한국의 여러분 안녕하세요! (Hello everyone in Korea!)

Vultr has officially launched its newest data center in South Korea! Seoul, South Korea marks Vultr's 17th regional cloud compute facility. Together with Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney, Seoul adds yet another important geographic option for your Asia-Pacific cloud infrastructure.

Our newest addition has extensive direct connectivity to regional backbone providers in South Korea to reduce latency for local users. Vultr’s high performance compute platform combined with a low latency network in the heart of Seoul results in even faster Time To First Byte (TTFB) for your applications, improving customer experience throughout the region. You can see for yourself with our new South Korea looking glass - Test our speed from your location. Our South Korea data center also includes our 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) that's standard on our worldwide cloud platform.

Vultr South Korea contains the full suite of ready-to-launch services: web-based-firewalls, reserved IPs, private networking, load balancers, automatic backups, on-demand snapshots, and more. With flexible operating system options, a wide selection of One-Click Apps, or infinite possibilities via the Upload an ISO feature, you can deploy a fully customized solution in minutes. Advanced users can bring their own IP address space to the cloud with BGP, directly connect to our infrastructure with a physical Ethernet connection, automate deployments with our advanced API, and more!

New to Vultr? It's easy to get started. There are no complicated contracts - billing is hourly, and you only pay for the time you use. Create an account and deploy servers in South Korea today!


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Vultr 送$100,搬瓦工年付最低$49,优惠码 BWH3HYATVBJW,更多推荐VPS信息