Vultr VPS 新增 Load Balancer(负载均衡)服务

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2020-1-13,Vultr VPS 服务商宣布上线 Load Balancer 服务,$10美金/月。有需要不妨试试。

目前 Vultr 正在搞活动,新注册用户(通过信用卡或者 PayPal 验证)送100美金,使用有效期为一个月,过期赠送金额失效。

活动地址:Vultr 新用户送100美元活动地址(注意必须从上述活动链接注册Vultr新用户才能活得免费的100美元,直接Vultr官网注册则不赠送100美元,且这个免费的100美元将在30天过期,过期后开始用你自己充值的账户余额。)

Vultr Load Balancer Managed,只需要配置好协议、端口、节点等信息即可,不需要对设备进行维护和管理,目前发布的有以下功能:

  • 多种流量负载均衡算法
  • 支持 TCP 、HTTP 和 HTTPS 协议
  • 支持健康检测确保流量被路由到在线的节点上
  • 自动切断下线节点

原文:Increase Performance With Vultr Load Balancers

We are excited to share that Vultr Load Balancers are available starting today. Available in all 16 datacenter regions, adding high availability and scaling your applications worldwide just got easier with Vultr Load Balancers! Using our fully configured solution, you can simplify management of your growing applications without managing your own custom load balancer infrastructure.

The redundant architecture provides a flexible way to add health monitoring and high availability to your applications with ease. You can also easily horizontally scale your applications and services and meet growth demands with just a few clicks. Most importantly, all your load balancer clusters can be easily managed using both our user friendly customer portal and the Vultr API.

Vultr Load Balancers provide many features in one convenient package, including:

• Multiple traffic balancing algorithms • Support for TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS • Health checks to ensure traffic is routed only to healthy nodes • Automated failover so you don't have to worry about downtime • Detailed cluster metrics

While we've included many features in our initial release, additional upgrades will be added soon. In the coming weeks, we will add support for IPv6, SSL through Lets Encrypt, support for our Go and JavaScript client along with terraform and vultr-cli, additional protocols, and more!

Ready to get started? Visit the Load Balancers page to deploy your own. You can also head over to our Load Balancers documentation which explains how load balancers work.


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