Aulerion VPS 已倒闭(跑路)!

长得很像 Vultr 的 Aulerion VPS 已倒闭……该商家域名及关联域名、、所谓的母公司)

目前 VPS 还能工作……



Dear customers and visitors.

Aulerion is currently facing difficulties in terms of financials, forcing a temporal closure of the service.
The reason behind this is that we tried remaining competitive in pricing, which worked for a long time as we
were able to cover all expenses with revenue. Aulerion to date has not generated a single cent profit for
it's owners. So far, the project has costed various persons which invested in the project over $30000:

Florian B. $20000
Robert R. $5000
Wim B. $5000

As a result of recent massive DDoS attacks targeting smaller and larger parts of our infrastructure, which
caused tremendous bandwidth bills especially in our Asian regions, we are no longer able to cover all our
costs and ran out of our last reserves in the company under which Aulerion operated.

To sumarize, the whole project has costed the owners over $30000 in costs to run, whilst not turning a
single cent profit, aside of dozen hours spent on maintaing the project. We are at this time unable to
continue operating Aulerion. The project has turned loss in every month of operation, up to the point
where continuing both makes no more sense and is simply not possible.

Servers are still online at the moment, please make sure to backup anything of relevance as soon as possible.
We are actively talking to suppliers to postpone termination of our agreements to allow our customers to backup,
but we do not anticipate a lot more room.

Finally, we wish to apologize for the huge inconvenience caused and we hope to be able to provide services to you
again in a smaller fashion in the near future, where you can potentially spend your potentially lost credit.

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Vultr 送$100,搬瓦工年付最低$49,优惠码 BWH3HYATVBJW,更多推荐VPS信息