AlphaRacks 倒闭了?


刚翻邮箱,无意中瞄到,还以为是营销邮件。试了下打开官网,已经挂掉。邮件 Logo 已经无法显示。


AlphaRacks - Officially closing doors. Out of business

发件人:AlphaRacks Support
时 间:2019年6月12日(星期三) 下午4:40 (UTC-07:00 休斯顿、底特律时间)

Hi ooxx

After over a decade in business we regret to inform you that AlphaRacks is officially closing its doors. Given the recent outage that exceeded the provisions and financial capabilities of our disaster recovery plan, AlphaRacks will no longer be providing services. We were a budget focused VPS provider, which did not leave room for additional options financially within our disaster recovery plans.

We have contacted various different VPS hosting companies to attempt to establish a transfer agreement that is in accordance to our privacy policy. In addition, some of the below providers have reached out to us offering assistance / credit for our customers.

Below are other budget VPS providers that should provide you with a suitable new home for your VPS needs:

DigitalOcean - (Free $50 Credit!)
Dr Server -
Altus Host -
PSK Hosting -
VirMach -
We would like to thank our customers for a great decade of your Business and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


AlphaRacks Management.

这货倒闭还不忘发一波 Aff,厉害……

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  1. AlphaRacks改名PSKHosting又在招摇撞骗。小心上当!

    2019.06.15 11:20 # 回复
  2. 我买了7刀一年的虚拟主机,还没用,他家就关门了。然后用psk hosting发邮件给我。我用原来的账号可以登录,但里面虚拟主机没有了

    2019.06.19 11:48 # 回复
  3. 买机器还是要选择大厂

    2019.06.19 22:56 # 回复
  4. 所以不要再逼他们了,哈哈。。。从某种角度看,倒闭是好事,说明有人比他更便宜,哈哈。

    2019.06.22 04:33 # 回复
    • @郑永 他们?忽然间倒闭也不是好事啊,有点诈骗的意思吧。pp 付款还可能争议退款,其他付款方式就死翘翘了。

      2019.06.22 09:06 # 回复


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